Top Superfoods that Boost your Energy (add them to your your Smoothie)

BlackWolf - the best pre-work smoothie for energy
The best pre-work smoothie – BlackWolf

Already, we all know just how unique and superb smoothies can be when it comes to giving your daily energy a boost. They are actually superfoods that boost your energy. But do you know that you can include superfoods into them? There are additional quantities of vital antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins contained in these powerful ingredients. And they all assist our busy lifestyles by giving us that much-needed fuel. The best part of it all should surely be the fact that including them in our smoothies is quite easy. Let us not forget also that these ingredients mix well with all of our favourite veggies and fruits in our cup of BlackWolf.

BlackWolf - the best pre-work smoothie for energy
BlackWolf-the best pre-work smoothie

If you are in the mood for some unique and energy boosting mix to your favourite smoothie, then consider these top energy-boosting superfoods:

  1. Hemp Protein – Hemp protein is a superb superfood to include in your smoothies. Usually found in powdery form, hemp protein is known to have a very high quantity of fatty acids which the body effectively metabolizes. After taking it, you are bound to feel a great energy boost, rather than feeling weighed down. Also, hemp protein has lots of fiber in them. If you didn’t know, fiber takes quite some time to be processed by our bodies. What this means is that we feel fuller for longer periods of time. Hemp protein are known to have a little bit of nutty flavor just like chia seeds (which are another super food for boosting smoothies). What this also means is that hemp protein blends perfectly well with other smoothie ingredients and different types of yogurts, vegetables, and fruits.
  2. Cacao Nibs – some athletes love to take a bar or two of chocolate just before they start their workout. They do this because of the sudden but brief burst of energy that they provide. This is possible because of the loads of calories, sugar, and fat that chocolate bars are known to contain. However, the downside of popping chocolate bars is that when your body comes down from that sudden burst of sugar high, you are going to be left feeling even worse. So what is the solution? Why not add cacao nibs to your smoothies. These would give you the chocolate fix that you are in love with, but without the calories. Apart from its super-high antioxidant content, cacao nibs have natural sugars that will give your body a good boost of energy. This is aside from the delicious chocolate taste that they provide. When it comes to usage, it is best to take cacao nibs in small doses, such as adding two tablespoons of chopped raw cacao nibs to your favourite type of fruit smoothie. You don’t need too much. Just two tablespoons would really be enough, because cacao nibs has a very strong chocolate flavor, which is similar to that of dark chocolate. You can increase the creamy taste of chocolate in your best fruit smoothie by adding more milk or yoghurt to it.   
  3. Goji Berries – another exciting superfood that you should start adding to your favourite smoothies should be these bright red berries. Food historians have discovered and documented that they used in medicines in ancient China which helped to support the overall health of their people as well as an energy booster. Today, they are a very frequent ingredient in energy bars. Very high levels of other important antioxidants and Vitamin C exist in goji berries. There is also scientific evidence which prove that blood circulation in our bodies is promoted by these berries. In terms of taste, they remind us of a slightly sweeter version of cranberries. If you have a smoothie that already contains raspberries, blueberries, of strawberries, try to add ¼ cup of goji berries to such smoothie. If your smoothie is green and contains more of bitter vegetable such as broccoli or kale, you can consider using goji berries to sweeten it up a bit.
  4. Chia Seeds – even though they may be small, Chia seeds are known to put some pep into our steps. There is scientific evidence which proves the energizing properties of chia seeds. This is due to the fact that they contain a large amount of fiber and are a complex carbohydrate. Why is this important? It takes the body a long time to break down and digest. Also, high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids exist in chia seeds. These are well known for supporting strong hair, nails, and skin, as well as heart health. There is no doubt that these chia seeds are powerful energy boosters, even though they may be small in size.
best pre-workout smoothie - BlackWolf
BlackWolf – best pre-workout smoothie

It is very easy to add chia seeds into different recipes for smoothie. This is because your favourite smoothie can be enhanced with just one or two tablespoons of the seeds. They are also very easy to combine them with different flavours, mainly because of their slightly nutty taste. If you really need an energy boost in the mornings that will power you throughout the rest of the day, then you should simply sprinkle a few spoonfuls of chia seeds on your favourite smoothie.

So, now you know about these superfoods, what next?

You should try adding them to your favourite smoothie for workout and see the impact they would have on you. Already, we know that our favourite pre-workout smoothie is BlackWolf. It has all the ingredients that we want in our best pre-work smoothie. And it is a good energy booster too.

Adding any of the above-listed superfoods to BlackWolf would simply make a good smoothie even better. In fact, you cannot go wrong with BlackWolf plus chia seeds, goji berries, cacao nibs, or hemp protein. If anything, your body would thank you for considering to keep it fit in such a nutritious and healthy way.

BlackWolf - best pre workout smoothie for energy
Best pre-workout smoothie for athletes

Once you start to enjoy these superfoods with BlackWolf, you would have a lot to tell other athletes about the effects that you have started to notice as well as the benefits you are enjoying. Try these superfoods out today and see for yourself how invigorating your BlackWolf now tastes.  

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